Cingoli Lake


Morning, sunset and night canoeing on Lake Cingoli!

What we’ll do: Not far from Cingoli, the “balcony of Le Marche” is the lake also known as Lake Castreccioni, the largest artificial basin in the region.

Canoeing is the ideal way to discover all the inlets of this corner of Le Marche. Accompanied by a guide, you navigate surrounded by rolling tree-lined hills with views of Monte San Vicino and the Monti di Cingoli.

Canoeing here is a great thrill, whether by sunlight or moonlight, for fun nighttime adventures. And after all that paddling, a dip in the lake will be a panacea…its waters are super clean and swimmable!


  • Morning €30 per person
  • Sunset €25 until July 29; from July 30 to August 31 €30 per person
  • Night €25 until July 29; from July 30 to August 31 €30 per person

Children under 10 years old: may participate in canoe trips only as passengers, together with a supervising adult

Minors between 10 and 18 years old: at the end of the excursion they will receive a €10 discount voucher for any of our excursions (valid for one year).

The price includes:

  • Use of double canoe, life jacket, paddle;
  • Guided canoe excursion on Lake Cingoli;
  • Guided canoe excursion on Lake Cingoli; Environmental excursionist guide.
  • Packed breakfast (morning shift).
  • Technical details:
    • Canoe: Length 4 km


Possible times:

  • Morning 8:00 – 10:30
  • Sunset* 17:30 – 20:00
  • Night time* 20:30 – 22:30 approx.

*Possibility of an aperitif at the kiosk “Rainbow Beach” at € 12 including: stuffed focaccia and draft beer or chopping board and crescia and glass of wine.

Cancellation fees: In case of cancellation at least seven days before the excursion there will be a refund of the entire fee paid, after this deadline the penalty is 50% of the fee paid. In case of cancellation less than 48 hours before the event there is no refund.

Cancellations by the organization: possible for lack of a minimum number of 10 participants or due to bad weather (with prior notice).




The canoe route on Lake Fiastra is also suitable for those who are at the first experience. The route is simple and linear, there are no rapids or currents to deal with. In addition, before entering the water, the guide will hold a mini-lesson on land where the basic techniques of safe canoeing will be explained.

Our canoes are particularly stable. Being “open”, the position you assume is that of sitting and with your legs free, you do not have to squeeze into a cockpit. In case of overturning, you will fall into the water and the only danger will be to find yourself wet! In order to avoid any kind of inconvenience, we invite participants to follow carefully all the indications of the guide, especially during the ascent and descent from the canoe.

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You must be comfortable in the aquatic environment to participate. However, each participant is provided with a life jacket for safety.

There are single and double canoes available that will be assigned on a moment’s notice, giving priority to the needs of families with children.

Yes, you will need to bring a change of at least your costume that can be left in the car. Usually you get wet from the waist to the feet for the canoe excursion.. 

The activity is suitable for children 10 years of age and older who can occupy their own personal spot in the canoe.

They can use either the single canoe or the double canoe together with an adult, depending on their aptitude.

Children under the age of 10 can participate free of charge, occupying the space available in the middle of the double canoe, along with two other adults who will lead the canoe.

No, for this activity it is unfortunately not possible.

The waterproof bag is a useful accessory to carry with you during water activities as it protects your personal belongings from the water.

In case you don’t have it, our advice is to leave all your personal items (including cell phone) in the car to avoid them falling into the lake and/or getting damaged.

There are no locker rooms at the boarding location. There are municipal restrooms in the parking lot.


There is a fee for parking near the lake.

In case of weather forecasts that do not guarantee the safety of the activity, we will cancel the excursion by 2 p.m. of the previous day.

In case of cloudy skies or light rain the excursion will be confirmed.

The evaluation of whether or not to cancel the excursion based on the weather forecast is the sole responsibility of the organization.


Once the payment is made, the reservation is considered confirmed.

ONLY in case there are changes in the program you will be contacted by email or WhatsApp.

Yes, by contacting the organization and communicating changes with a phone number of the substitutes.

In case of cancellation at least 7 days before the excursion there is a refund of the entire fee paid; after this deadline the penalty is 50% of the fee paid.

In case of cancellation less than 48 hours before the event there is no refund.

The canoes, as well as the life jacket, helmet and paddle are sanitized with an alcohol solution after each use.

From the moment of arrival until the end of the activity, the following rules must be respected: 

  • To ensure high safety standards we will admit a limited number of participants to each excursion.
  • Participants will have to fill out and hand over to the guide before starting the excursion the signed rules and regulations;
  • All participants must have with them a mask (at least one), gloves and hand sanitizer. The mask and gloves will be used ONLY if in some points of the path you can not maintain safe distances;
  • You must maintain an interpersonal distance of 2 meters throughout the excursion (excluding families and cohabitants).

No, for organizational issues it is not possible to use different formulas.

It is not possible to pay on the spot, payment must be made strictly in advance.

Yes, cancellations by the organization are possible for lack of minimum number of 10 participants or due to bad weather (with notice via Whatsapp).

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